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Urban Retirement

Lancaster, PA - While the concept has been around for some time, the term "aging-in-place" has become the new buzz term for those approaching their golden years. Boomers now approaching traditional retirement age are more active and in better health than generations before them. And, nowhere does "aging in place" make more sense than in urban settings. John K. McIlwain, ULI senior resident fellow, writes in Suburbs, Cities, and Aging in Place on the Urbanland website the the growth in senior residents in urban locations is also changing the communities where they live.


Retirement in Lancaster City.

One of the biggest benefits of aging in urban areas is the exercise that comes with walkability. But walking is just exercise if there are no destinations. The square shape of Lancaster city makes this walkability even more attractive as one can scarcely live more than one mile from the city center and more than two miles between any two points. In addition to its affordable housing options, each of Lancaster's 15 neighborhoods offers a blend of amenities more easily reached on foot than in a car. One of the best ways to check this out is to visit this Walkscore Widget and enter the address of your starting point or home.

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