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Southeast Quadrant


The Stevens area is named for the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology (formerly Stevens School of Trade), the area's most recognizable physical landmark and also for Thaddeus Stevens, for whom the school is named.

Stevens developed extensively after 1900. The character of the area is largely defined by rowhouses exhibiting a variety of early-twentieth century styles. The Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology defines the northeast corner of the area, and the East King Street corridor is its northern boundary. See what's here and what's new.

The streetscape of this section of East King Street, from Stevens Trade to near the corner of South Marshall Street, is defined by two very long rows of two-story brick houses with mansard roofs, two-stories in height with original front porches. Interspersed with these rather architecturally unified houses are an important early one story house (the Gibson-Wetzel House) and intruding parcels containing modern retail/commercial facilities. East of Marshall Street, King Street makes a very distinct visual boundary between the Stevens and East Side areas, principally due to the differing uses on each side of the street: residences in Stevens and the Lancaster County Prison and Reservoir Park in the East Side. The King Street streetscape west of Marshall Street is largely defined by residences on both sides of the street, making the visual demarcation between the areas less apparent. Still, subtle architectural differences define the distinct individual character of each area in these blocks.

Stevens Part II

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