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Stadium District

Northwest Quadrant

Traditionally named the Northwest Industrial Corridor, this neighborhood now takes its name from the baseball stadium that was built on a portion of the rail yard that occupied much of the area.

The Stadium District is one of the city's principal historic centers of industry, which grew along one of Lancaster's major railroad cuts. See what's here and what's new.

The Stadium District contains a concentration of late-nineteenth to early-twentieth century industrial and warehouse buildings, clustered around a historic railroad cut that enters the city at its northwest corner and extends southeast to Chestnut Street. A limited number of historic residences are located in the area. Major intrusions to the portion of the Stadium District that is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places include the northern portion of the railroad cut and a portion of the YMCA complex.

Harrisburg Pike circa 1892.

The Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad was authorized by an act of the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1828. Community leaders in Lancaster were instrumental in ensuring that the line dipped down from its generally east to west route to cut through the city. While the railroad failed to generate immediate industrial development in this area of the city, it set the stage for growth in the late 1890s.

Stadium District Part II

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