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Southeast Quadrant


Mussertown is one of Lancaster's oldest neighborhoods, and one of the few that retains its historic name and identity. Mussertown was developed on the plantation and/or farm of John Musser.

The considerable amount of open land in this area today is primarily the result of the demolition over time of several major industrial buildings, ranging from the complex of Jacob Miller and Company to the large breweries of the second half of the nineteenth century. See what's here and what's new.

Hans (John) Musser received a patent for 300 acres of land in the southeast quadrant of present-day Lancaster on 16 November 1737. On 7 September 1744, Musser sold 15 acres to Dr. Adam Simon Kuhn who founded the Adamstown neighborhood, bounded by the present East King, Church, Rockland and Locust Streets. Mussertown was laid out by John Musser, Jr. (1738-1802), the son of Hans, in 1760 through 1762.

Mussertown is shown as being substantially developed on Joshua Scott's 1824 map of the city. The more detailed Moody and Bridgens map of 1850 shows densely placed houses along Church and Middle Streets (now Howard Avenue). North, Low (Chester) and High (Green) Streets are shown, with only a few scattered houses on each.

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