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Meet Mimi

My name is Mimi and I live in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood. We love it here. This side of town is exactly like the Musser Park side. My husband Paul likes to renovate and here we have a smaller more compact house. I am an artist and I work in Book Arts and Creativity, which is experimental art, collage, drawing, wax and making books and it's the most fun.

Mimi with her husband Paul in Mexico City.

I am originally from New Jersey but I have lived in a lot of places, New York City, Fort Lauderdale, outside London and have traveled all over this planet. I think that I have a wandering soul - I love seeing new things, meeting people and experiencing life. It's never going to be long enough, even if I live 100 years. I am an activist and a humanist. It's a philosophy that values all human beings and progressive thought - which is important for progress for this world and gaining an understanding of others.

Three people now living I would like to have lunch with: Barack and Michelle Obama that's two and !! my husband Paul...three went fast !

The cause I most believe in is: Equality. Equal in all things for all peoples - and its a scam to hide behind religion as a reason to be a bigot!

Name three things on your bucket list. More travel, maybe Japan, maybe living on a boat in the Caribbean or Mexico and continuing to believe that nothing is impossible - if you can think it you can do it !

What did you want to be when you grew up? An artist and an idea maker.

In Mexico

My greatest accomplishment is...being kind - sometimes is the hardest thing...but I keep trying...

My unfulfilled ambition is...always to have the best attitude, and its ongoing always, don't know if this is ambitious enough for our society but its a personal goal.

Three words to describe me are...imaginative, creative and sometimes funny.

Tell us something about you that most people don't know. This is a silly story. I was asked in an interview by Kelly Lucas this same question, my answer was I have 5 toes, so I do not wear girl shoes. And much to my chagrin - that was actually printed in City Link Newspaper in Fort Lauderdale. My husband said ! you have to give the answers you want printed and not just talk! Its still a funny question to me.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? What a glorious day, will I get to accomplish everything on my list. And what are we going to have for dinner?

What's the farthest-away place you've been? I have been an artist in residence on cruise ships, so I have seen a lot of the world - Moorea, Tahiti and New Zealand on the Pacific side and Madagascar on the Indian Ocean. They are really far from the US and so very different. Travel is the thing that makes me understand that all people want to live their lives in peace.

What do you think Lancaster will be like in ten years? Lancaster will get better and better as people move here from other places and appreciate what a terrific walkable city we live in. I like to say it's the most European City on the East Coast and think it will be the Portland of the East way before 10 years.

What do you consider to be Lancaster City's greatest asset? Central Market - the variety of fresh foods from local farms and the proximity to be out in the country in a few miles or NYC in 2-1/hours. Lancaster is a great location.

Grabbing a bite in Lancaster with - $5, $10, $30 - Where (and what):

Carmen and David's for ice cream, amazing chocolate choices daily !!
La Cucina Mexicana - chicken tacos are so delicious
Carr's - mussels or any of the specials - this is a hard choice
Checkers Bistro, small plates...Characters and I am still only at C - Lancaster is a food town on the cusp of being discovered!

What are the best aspects of your job? As a roster artist through Millersville University's South Central Partners and going into the public schools, working with students. I like to show them that being creative is a choice and also a way of life, guess this is what being an artist is all about - sharing my creative skills with others.

Would you describe yourself as introverted or extroverted? Extroverted - or I could not answer all of these questions.

What is your coffee shop drink of choice? Chai - Green Tea - its the happy foam that makes it different - and Shoppes at 301 and Prince Street Cafe have the best !!

What music are you listening to now? Dar Williams - the Green World, I have so many Cd's and alternate between words and pure music...for different studio moods.

Best advice from your're in charge of your life and you should be happy and make it an adventure...not sure they said these exact words - but I am sure this is what they meant.

What should they have taught you in school but didn't? School just needs to teach you how to think - not what to think and you need all of the skills you can get - these skills grow and overlap and its all preparation for being a real person!! sometimes I think we forget this with all the emphasis on tests we are not making well rounded John Dewey said "Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself" and that's what important about school.

If there is one thing life has taught me it is...its amazing, and constantly changing and beautiful and filled with love and art and poetry - you get from life what you put into it...and more!

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