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The Best of the Rest - Ten Cool Urban Kickstarter Projects

As promised, here are ten other interesting urban projects from the "kickstarter sphere." There are many, raising funds for community gardens, cafes, public art and, believe it or not, beekeeping. So, we left those alone. Here are the best of the rest. Appearing in no particular order:

Floating Forests

1. Stranger reduction zone
2. Walkable urban design tool
3. Independent boutique urban winery
4. Neighborhood mapping project
5. The Power of the Neighborhood Block
6. "Shot at Sundown"
7. Urban air
8. Open urban
9. City Chicken Project
10. Greenaid-Seedbomb Vending

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1. The Stranger Reduction Zone: This modest project ($800) is designed to break down street level social isolation.

2. Walkable Urban Design Tool: Walkability is important and few know how to improve the experience than those who do it all the time. Now it is time to share that knowledge with city planners.

3. Creation of an independent boutique urban winery: You don't necessarily need 300 acres of vineyard. A...ummm...sous sol will do.

4. Our Neighborhood Mapping Project. The people who live in neighborhoods define their communities differently than researchers do. This project is all about reconciling the two views.

5. The Power of the Neighborhood Block -— Salt Lake City IMBYism People want to know and be known. The Kentlands Initiative promotes In My Back Yard –ism in Salt Lake City's Granary District.

6. Shot at Sundown takes on neighborhood diversity over potatoes and pork chops. Of course.

7. Urban Air - Los Angeles: Imagine floating, globally connected urban forests growing where billboards stand.

8. OpenUrban: Open Urban is an open crowd sourced map and forum on urban development. It is a space for civic collaboration, a venue for debate, and an outlet and archive of information. It uses crowd sourcing technology as a means to inform and empower.

9. City Chicken Project: Just Food's City Chicken Project provides the training, coops and hens that schools and community gardening groups need to raise healthy chickens and delicious eggs.

City Chicken Project from Just Food on Vimeo.

10. Greenaid-Seedbomb Vending: Yes, its urban gardening of sorts but it's seed-bomb guerilla gardening.

Lancaster City Living - Lancaster PA

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