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Kickstarting Urban Revitalization

Continue reading for three Lancaster Kickstarter campaigns worth caring about.
It has been said that urban revitalization can't be carried out with Kickstarter. The point is well taken. Some things are just going to cost a lot of money, both public and private, to refashion urban spaces to accommodate social and economic interactions. But there is another rail to urban revitalization. Cities are starting to be reimagined by the people who are returning to them. And in the notable demographic made up largely by young adults, it was just probably just a matter of time before crowd-sourcing came to urban renewal. I decided to take a look to see what I could find. A search of Kickstarter for things like "urban" and "neighborhood" pulls a reassuring number of projects (many for things like urban gardening). Interestingly, the reward for some "investors" is nothing more than a heart-felt thank you (and, in one case, good karma). Yet, it seems that people are more than willing to part with a couple of bucks just to see these ideas get off the ground.Says Linda Aleci in the kickstarter video below, "Small investments can yield big results...for the neighborhood and then for the city as a whole."

Here are three for Lancaster City (all funded, by the way). In my next post, I'll share 10 more cool and engaging urban projects from the Kickstarter-o-sphere.Lancaster East Side Mural - Eastside Community Kitchen's Leah Margerum wants to turn an ugly wall into a welcome to Lancaster's East Side.
West King: Past & Future" Community Revitalization Action - Local architect, Eugene Aleci, is working to bring meaningful change to West King Street.
Launch Lancaster Community Gardens. Charlie Crystle wants to create organic community gardens for anyone who wants to grow, an educational garden for students, and donate a portion to local organizations.

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