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Meet Daryl

My name is Daryl and Musser Park has been my home for 14 years. It is great to live in a vibrant neighborhood with wonderful sounds coming from the Musser Park playground. I am fortunate to live in a home that is a short walk to everything. With a home "Walkability Score" of 95 (see Walk Score iPhone App), Lancaster provides access to a premier experience of urban living. I was born and raised in Lancaster County, graduating from Conestoga Valley High School. Following a Bachelors degree from Eastern Mennonite University (EMU), and a Masters degree in Business Administration from James Madison University, I have been involved in college administration and private-sector business. I had the privilege to be the founding director of EMU's Degree Completion Program, and later VP for Advancement at the university. For 25 years, I held senior management positions with Hoober, Inc., a farm equipment business in Intercourse, PA.

Daryl is the Director of Business Development, Landis Communities

It has been exciting to be part of the development of Steeple View Lofts, on N. Water Street. This is a 55+ residence community capitalizing on the benefits of urban living. As a rental apartment residence, Steeple View Lofts has offered me a unique insight to residents who choose to move or remain in Lancaster as they prepare for a different, many times downsized, living experience. My role at Landis Communities is to find alternatives to Continuous Care Retirement Communities, offering an array of space and cost options.

My wife and I have children and grandchildren in the Mid-Atlantic region, but choose to live in Lancaster because we find Lancaster invigorating and energizing.

Three people now living I would like to have lunch with:
1) My kids – I am beginning to learn from their own life experiences
2) Bill Moyers – I want Bill to recount the evening events of July 2, 1964
3) John Dean – Was your testimony a new awareness, or reclaiming your original character?

The cause I most believe in is: Economic justice - not equality - rather unencumbered opportunity – worldwide.

Steeple View Lofts

Name three things on your bucket list.
1) Visit Cuba
2) Have a Stainless Steel BBQ "set-up" to do 40 halves of chicken at time
3) Enjoy a "trawler" boat for extended travel on the east coast inland waterways

What did you want to be when you grew up? Tough one here;
1) Either an Indy style race car driver or Pit Row Crew Chief, or
2) Evening News Anchor

My greatest accomplishment is... Stopping out of my professional life at 36 and finishing my Baccalaureate and Masters Degrees

My unfulfilled ambition is... More of an ambition not to be realized - A Funeral Director

Three words to describe me are...Jovial, Organized, Intense

Tell us something about you that most people don't know. From 1993 to 2010 I did an upside-down bottom-off restoration of a wooden mahogany "run-about" motor boat. In addition to the structural and wooden restoration, I powered it with a new turbo-charged diesel engine.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Work and tasks to be accomplished that day - unfortunately

What's the farthest-away place you've been? I spent 5-weeks in South India as part of a 5-person Rotary International Group Study Exchange

What do you think Lancaster will be like in ten years? I think there will be incremental economic growth that appropriately intersects the cultural development of a diverse population.

What do you consider to be Lancaster City's greatest asset? The integration of centuries old immigration, and new arrivals, merging ingenuity, work-ethic, creativity and vision.

Grabbing a bite in Lancaster with - $5, $10, $30 - Where (and what):
$5 - On Orange – Specialty Omelet all day
$10 - Lancaster Brewing Co.
$30 - The Horse Inn – Fulton St. – Pittsburgh Salad or Prime Rib (for two)

What are the best aspects of your job? I enjoy the people I come in contact with through organizational development and management - capitalizing on each other's strengths.

Would you describe yourself as introverted or extroverted? As I get older I have become more of an introvert. Or at least I have softened my pseudo extrovert demeanor.

What is your coffee shop drink of choice? Plain strong house coffee with a splash of skim milk

What music are you listening to now? Bluegrass – Longview Band / Del McCoury Band

Best advice from your parents...
1) Use honesty / forthrightness / economic ethics, as both a litmus test and a choice that trumps all decision-making
2) Always empathize with the blue-collar laborer

What should they have taught you in school but didn't? Spanish

If there is one thing life has taught me it is... Attempt to define myself separate from my job and tasks to be accomplished