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Quick Call Guide

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Mayor Gray

Office of the Mayor

Lancaster City is just small enough that it is possible to actually visit with the Mayor and share your concerns (and praise as the case may be). First you will need to find out when the Mayor is available. To do so, call his secretary at (717) 291-4701.

"...What is the dream we pursue? To make Lancaster a City with the best quality of life for families; a City that welcomes new businesses and helps them grow; a City that embraces and values diversity; and a City that is 'green', clean, and safe." - J. Richard Gray, Mayor, City of Lancaster

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City Building Codes

Building or remodeling. Get the city on board early with a call to these officials.
Questions regarding plan submittals, reviews, permits, permit fees or code requirements can be found here or should be directed to the most appropriate of the following:

Permit Clerk - (717) 291-4724
Building Code Official - (717) 291-4733
Residential Code Official - (717) 291-4734
Commercial Code Official - (717) 735-0292
Bureau Chief - (717) 291-4700

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Bureau of Fire

If you had a fire you would not be reviewing this page. If you are worried that one is a possibility you can take some comfort in the fact that the city has three stations and help is not far away. The stations are located at 425 W. King St., 333 E. King St., and 843 Fremont St.

The Bureau of Fire has other services will further reduce your worries. To get the full run-down visit the Bureau at this web page or call at (717) 291-4866

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Click map to see sector officers.

Bureau of Police

In any emergency, you can call the Bureau of Police for a quick response at 911.

If you have a little more time, you will want to direct your call to the most appropriate person or department. You can start by visiting the Bureau of Police online or call (717) 664-1180 for non-emergencies.

If you have even more time, it is worth your while to become familiar with the city's police sector map and to find your place in it. Once you have that, you can get the information needed to know/contact your sector officers here.

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To report a gas leak, contact UGI at (800) 276-2722 or visit the emergency page on the UGI website.

To start or terminate service, call (800) 276-2722 or or contact UGI's customer service

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To report a power outage in Lancaster City, call (800) 342-5775 or go here

Changing your electricity supplier. If you don't choose your own electricity supplier, PPL will choose one for you. To view the current rates through PPL or select and different supplier visit the PPL website

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