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The grounds were laid out and the Gothic style chapel built in 1851. In 1854, Zion Lutheran Church established its cemetery at the northern end of Woodward Hill. Additional acreage for expansion of Woodward Hill was purchased in 1881. The architect of the central chapel, and the later Gothic style office-residence, is unknown at present.

Important monuments to prominent Lancastrians buried in Woodward Hill Cemetery include that of President James Buchanan (1791-1868), the tall obelisk on the Grubb plot and the Doric-style marker for Mr. & Mrs. Amos Urban, believed to have been designed by their son, C. Emlen Urban. There are a number of re-interments of eighteenth and early nineteenth century burials, including at least twenty exceptional relief carved stones.

In addition to the monuments already noted, others of distinct quality include the eighteenth century stone to Valentine Krug, the varied markers on the Musser-Montgomery-Reigart lot, the 1799 stone to the joiner Gotlieb Sener of the Sener-Ellicott-von Hess House, the mausoleums of the Keiper and Long families, several enclosures of very elaborate ironwork and a pair of Egyptian-style stone statues on the hillside to the east of the Muhlenburg lot.

Greenwood Cemetery, located immediately south of Woodward Hill Cemetery across Chesapeake Street, is a very handsomely landscaped burial ground covering approximately thirty acres. Its primary architectural feature is a large mausoleum, reputedly designed by Daniel Miller Rothenberger. A massive stone gateway with paired arches marks the entrance to the cemetery along South Queen Street.

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