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St. Joseph Catholic Church (MWS)
Founded in 1849, the first structure of St. Joseph's Catholic Church was built circa 1850 to 1854. Some elements of this building survive within the walls of the present church, built between 1882 and 1886. This late Victorian Church was enlarged and remodeled in 1923. Visually and historically, the tower and walls of this church, of modified Romanesque Revival style, dominate an area of several blocks.In general, the streetscapes of this part of Cabbage Hill possess strong unity of scale, building materials, facade elevations and roof lines. Most houses are typical of the mainstream of development of houses of the general period 1860 through 1890. They belong to the solid body of houses that cost about $2,000 to $3,000 when new. Whether single dwellings, two-part residences or row houses, the houses are of brick, two stories in height, with gable roofs, segmental brick arches over doorways and windows and cornices executed in corbelled brick. Thus, the overall character is that of a solid, forthright and relatively intact Victorian working class neighborhood. In the chronological context, almost all of the houses date from the Victorian period (1837-1901).The details of these structures - ranging from iron grates to gingerbread porches - give movement and variety to these streetscapes. There are interesting examples of ornamented dormers and some delightful late Victorian porches in this area.
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