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East Side

Northeast Quadrant

Homes along the 800 block of East Orange Street face Reservoir Park. (MWS)

The East Side is named for its geographic location at the eastern edge of the City of Lancaster.

The East Side is bounded to the west by North Plum Street, to the north generally by New Holland Avenue, to the east by the city line and to the south by King Street. This is an architecturally rich and diverse area, primarily containing a large number of late-nineteenth to early twentieth century residences, as well as an industrial corridor, the Lancaster County Prison, numerous schools and churches and a large park. See What's Here and What's New

The boundaries of the East Side, other than its northern limit, are somewhat arbitrary, as the character of the area makes relatively smooth transitions to adjacent areas. East King Street is a physical boundary, yet, at least west of North Marshall Street, the character of the north side of the street is quite similar to that of the south side. The boundary is more apparent east of this point, as the properties in the East Side, which include the prison and Reservoir Park, are distinct from the residences in the Stevens section. The eastern city line is a political boundary that does not represent a break in architectural character between the East Side and the adjacent township. Similarly, the western boundary of the East Side is based more on historical development than it is architectural character. However, there is a subtle change in the style and detail between buildings in the Musser Park section that can be observed.

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