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Central Business District

Center City

The Lancaster Marriott and Convention Center. (MWS)

Much as the City of Lancaster is the hub of Lancaster County, the Central Business District is the hub of the city. The area includes Penn Square, the center of Lancaster and the site of major buildings, at first governmental, and then commercial. Click here to see what's new and what here.

The Central Business District has been a center for county, state and national government in Lancaster County for more than two and a half centuries. From the 1730s to 1853, two different brick Courthouses stood in the center of Penn Square. In the first Courthouse, which burned in 1784, the Continental Congress met on September 27, 1777, making Lancaster the national capital for one day. Lancaster twice was Pennsylvania's capital: first in the winter of 1777-1778, and later from 1799 to 1812. The present Heritage Center, built as the County's Public Offices between 1795 and 1798, was rented for offices to the Commonwealth after 1799, when the Legislature sat in the second brick Courthouse. The county has occupied its present Courthouse at the northwest corner of East King and North Duke Streets since the main part of that building was erected in 1852.

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