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Lancaster City Living

Lancaster City Living was the brain child of a small handful of visionaries, including Michael Weaver (Tabor Community Services), Tom Wenger (East King Street Improvement District), Lisa Riggs (JSID), and Carol Parish McCoy (City of Lancaster) who believed that Lancaster city would add an important piece to its revitalization through a homeownership-driven improvement in its neighborhoods. The plan was, with some initial funding from the Lancaster County Community Foundation, to realize this effort through a city living magazine, a website and a one-stop shop where potential homeowners could explore the city and find a home to buy. And, for nearly three years, this is what Lancaster City Living did.Then the great recession of 2008/09 hit.By Spring 2009, I left to pursue a project supporting schools around the world, the magazine ceased production and the website continued its existence, unmaintained and un-updated, until it just shut down.In mid-2012, I obtained the brand and the website and began the long journey to restore the website and bring it back as part of an ongoing conversation about revitalizing Lancaster City by improving its neighborhoods. On January 1, 2013, Lancaster City Living re-opened its "cyber-doors" as a website only.Enjoy your visit!Michael Sprunger
Lancaster City Living – Lancaster PA